Friday, July 13, 2012

Knock Knock!

Ok so this is my first blog on blogger and what a way to start the day off, well actualy I have to say what a way to start the past few days off! I have not had any sleep yet, but that is nothing new to me as I'm use to this especially when i'm recording so i'm use to pulling alnighters. Only this time I'm wide eyed for a completely diffrent reason, at any moment I will hear my screen door open followed by a knock at my door. Why? because in my hands a representative from FedEx will place a stack of papers that will change my life, yes this is it! I will receive my management contract from UMG (Universal Music Group) formerly Universal Records and yes the contract has to be looked over by my attorney but I'm excited, I mean this is and will be one of the most pivital times in my life. I have worked so hard and have gone many days without sleep to reach this point. I have had my fair share of ups as well as downs and yes I will have many more but today I feel fearless. The time is now 10:42 am Est and I have yet to log in for the first time this morning to start my school work and the required time is twice a day 4 days a week. What come next? phone calls to both my manager and assistant manager, attorney and producer,  OMG followed by sleep " so nobody bother me" LOL Blog Ya Later!